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Does this morning sound at all familiar to you?

Waking up excited to start the day, you rush to your computer curious how much money your affiliate links made.

You login to several affiliate programs at a time (sometimes dozens), to find out what you made the previous day, wasting precious time.

I wanted to fix this problem.

I thought, what if it was possible to view this information in one place, along with other helpful analytics allowing you to make data driven decisions

That’s why I started Afflytics.

Austin Tuwiner - Founder

LinkedIn | Twitter | AustinTuwiner.com

My name is Austin Tuwiner and I’m the owner of Afflytics.

I made my first money online via Google Adsense at nine years old, and my first affiliate sale when I was 17 years old.

After making money online there was no turning back. Two years into a software engineering degree I decided to leave college to pursue online business.

You can keep up with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, my personal blog, or email me at team@afflytics.com

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